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Ultraslim™ Vacuum Infrared Microwave Detox & Slimming Device

Ultraslim™ Vacuum Infrared Microwave Detox & Slimming Device

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Ultraslim™ Vacuum Infrared Microwave Detox & Slimming Device

Ultraslim™ Vacuum Infrared Microwave Detox & Slimming Device

Regular price $32.95
Regular price $32.95 Sale price $47.15
SAVE 30% Sold out

Jessica Clinton shares his experience using Vacuum Cavitation Cupping Device!

"A year ago due to work pressure and dietary reasons my body began to become obese, bulky body to my life and work has brought a lot of inconvenience, especially in terms of health, during the period I tried all kinds of ways to lose weight, but no effect, and then my doctor friend recommended me the Ultraslim™ Vacuum Cavitation Cupping Device, although I had little hope, but this product exceeded my expectations, it allows me to return to the previous beautiful body and ease the body's aches and pains, thanks to the Ultraslim™!"

-Jessica Clinton,Florida⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Complete and Innovative Treatment!

The Ultraslim™ device features 6 dynamically adjustable modes that help relieve pain and eliminate stubborn fat while enhancing blood flow and detoxification. A healthy, comfortable life for you and your family.

Ultraslim™'s Ultrasound Weight Loss Therapy

The vacuum environment created by the Ultraslim™ on the skin surface allows the ultrasound and infrared device to easily penetrate the surface of the skin and access the areas of fat accumulation. The ultrasound vibration process applies pressure to the fat cells. Due to the immense pressure, the stubborn fat cells break down and turn into flowing liquid. Excess fat is eliminated from the body through the body organs pampered to achieve the goal of weight loss.

Ultraslim™'s far-infrared heating therapy relieves body aches, treats lymphatic enlargement

Far Infrared Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that utilizes the properties of far-infrared radiation to penetrate the surface of the skin, and with the use of the latest PI Conduction Heating Technology, the desired temperature (100.4°F-104°F) can be reached quickly to penetrate deeper into the tissues, tendons, nerves, blood vessels, and ligaments in the area of pain to improve blood circulation, dilate the micro-vessels, and increase the flow of blood to provide a better blood supply and nutrition to the compressed cervical spine. and improve cervical spine, lymphatic and other body parts.

Ultraslim™ helps you eliminate toxins from your body, giving you a sense of ease and vitality

Stimulates the Lymphatic System: cupping stimulates the lymphatic system by creating negative pressure, which causes the canister to attach itself to the surface of the skin. The lymphatic system is the part of the body that is responsible for removing waste, bacteria and other harmful substances. By stimulating the lymphatic system, cupping can help speed up the elimination of waste and toxins.

6 levels of adjustment for different treatment effects

6 levels of magnetic heat:
👉1-2 levels of low-temperature hot compress.
👉3-4 levels to accelerate blood circulation.
👉5-6 levels to remove deep lactic acid.

6 levels of suction:

✅1-2 levels of muscle relaxation - The innovative temperature control chip that is included into the vacuum cavitation cupping device maintains a consistent temperature to aid in contracting and relaxing muscles.

✅3-4 to liquefy fat cells - Vacuum Cavitation Cupping Device's heating element effectively breaks down and liquefies extra fats.

✅5-6 deep lymphatic detoxification - The Vacuum Cavitation Cupping Device makes use of a unique technology that may transform electrical energy into heat energy that permeates your skin and speeds up the lymphatic vessels' slow lymphatic movement.

 Best Features

  • Self Service Function - With this device, heating, scraping, and cupping are all combined. You can immediately get started because the control panel is clear and simple to understand. You don't need anyone's assistance to complete it; you can accomplish it effortlessly on your own.
  • Ergonomic and Safe Design Smart operation detection will activate the AI protection mechanism and shut down immediately to safeguard you after 20 minutes of continuous use.
  • Long Battery Life - 1800mAh large capacity battery can last for 5-7 days.

Here are some of our satisfied customers!


"I enjoy using cups to relieve pain and flow lymph. I purchased it with that use in mind since I really loved the red light. But I now see that it's PERFECT for removing cellulite from wider regions. It offers excellent temperature adjustment and strong suction power. The battery can power many sessions.

- Josh Reid,San Antonio ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"This product was excellent for me, especially since I am an athlete and need to be able to relieve my pain so that I can recuperate in time for games. When it came to reliving pain and tension, this item was of great use to me. I would suggest this product to anyone who wants to ease little aches and pains and let me tell you it gets the job done.

- Emmanuelle Jenkins,Ottawa⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I adore the device; it heats up to the correct temperature and has excellent suction pressure. It is portable and simple to use. This has relieved my stiff neck and shoulder muscles."

- Cindy Treyson,New York⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Material: ABS
Color: Black,Red,Blue
Rated Power: TYPE-C Charging
Size: 7.8x9.4cm



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