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Leaxas™ EMS LymphUnclog Neck Smoothing Massager

Leaxas™ EMS LymphUnclog Neck Smoothing Massager

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Leaxas™ EMS LymphUnclog Neck Smoothing Massager

Leaxas™ EMS LymphUnclog Neck Smoothing Massager

Regular price $28.97
Regular price $28.97 Sale price $41.37
SAVE 29% Sold out

Jane Wesley from Akron, Ohio, Gave Us a Look at Her Incredible Results with Our Newest Product!

"This massager did wonders for my neck! I used to have a bad neck hump that was annoying and painful. But after using this product, the neck hump disappeared and I feel much better! "

- Jane Wesley,Shelby⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"In just a short time of using this massager, I was able to lose so much weight and get rid of my fatty problem areas. I know look my best and feel my best! I love this product so much because it works like a charm! "

-Tori Summerville,New York⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

What are Neck Humps, and What Causes Them?

There are many reasons why neck humps occur, but some of the main reasons that contribute to the development of neck humps are:

🚫Lymphatic Blockages.
🚫Excessive Fat Build Up.
🚫Spending Long Hours in a Bad Posture.

    Neck humps are a buildup of fat behind and slightly below your neck. It is one sign of lipodystrophy, the medical term for a problem with how your body makes, uses, and stores fat. Lymphatic blockage is the major reason neck humps occur because they decrease your capability to detoxify your body. Detoxification prevents toxins from triggering excessive fat cell production that can lead to neck humps, obesity, and weight gain. Besides that, neck humps occur due to long periods of staying stationary in a bad posture, such as using your mobile phone or computer the whole day.

    EMS Technology: Boost Metabolism and Lymphatic Drainage Easily

    EMS is a technology that uses electrical pulses to stimulate the nerves in the muscles and muscle fibers. The EMS pulses stimulate the brain to send 'shocks' to the neurons in the muscle group, and these currents cause the muscles to relax and contract quickly as they do during usual exercise. This allows your muscles to mimic a workout and boost your metabolism without doing anything.

    EMS also enhances lymphatic drainage. The EMS pulses from the massager act like a pump that enhances your lymphatic system's circulation and flow. This helps prevent the chances of lymphatic blockages occurring and promotes lymphatic drainage.

    How Does the Leaxas™ EMS LymphUnclog Neck Smoothing Massager Work for Weight Loss

    EMS promotes weight loss by building muscle, which helps boost your metabolism and burn fat. It also enhances lymphatic drainage, preventing excess fat from being produced. It does this by allowing the body to burn more calories faster through EMS electrical pulses.

    The main reason that EMS is good for weight loss is that it can mimic exercises that put you at a caloric deficit. A calorie deficit means burning more calories than you consume. And burning more calories through exercise, diet, or EMS is the main method to lose weight.

    Eliminate Fat Anywhere on Your Body

    Our EMS massager was made to help promote fat burning in any body part you want. With the use EMS Vibration, you can easily get rid of stubborn problem fat spots on your waist, thigh, arms, or anywhere you want!

    What Makes the Leaxas™ EMS LymphUnclog Neck Smoothing Massager a Great Choice

    ✅ Resolves Neck Humps.
    ✅ Soothes Neck Pain & Discomfort.
    ✅ Boosts Metabolism Burns Fat.
    ✅ Enhances Body Detoxification.
    ✅ Cleanses the Lymphatic System.
    ✅ Improves Blood Flow.
    ✅ Promotes Good Body Circulation.
    ✅ Uses EMS Technology.
    ✅ Wide Usage on Any Body Part.

    Here are some of our satisfied customers who love our product

    "I've had a neck hump for a while now, and it always bothered me how much pain it made me feel. I'm glad I found this massager because, in just a few uses, I felt so much relief right away. And with continuous use, it made the hump go away!"

    -Aubrey Sue,Los Angeles⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    "I hated how stubborn the fat on my arms were making my arms look big and saggy. Thankfully after a short time with this massager, I was able to get rid of the fat on my arms! Love it!"

    -Katrina Casey,California⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    "I was skeptical about a massager helping me lose weight at first. But this product proved me otherwise! In just a couple of weeks, I was already having great results! I lost so much weight thanks to this simple massager!"

    -Nina Hugo,FCalifornia⭐⭐⭐⭐


    • Net Wt.: 22g
    • Dimensions: 8.6cm (Width), 17cm (Length)
    • 25 Modes & Intensity
    • USB Charging: 40 Minutes to Full Charge
    • Battery Life: 100mAh (Up to 20-40 Days)
    • Recommended Use: 20 Minutes Daily
    • Includes English Manual
    • Variants: 1 Set, 2 Sets

    1. EMS Massage Unit
    2. Massage Pad
    3. Massage Pad
    4. USB Charging Cable
    5. Leaxas™ EMS LymphUnclog Neck Smoothing Massager Packaging

    Package Includes

    • 1x Set Leaxas™ EMS LymphUnclog Neck Smoothing Massager
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